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Lide is one of the ten largest communication agencies in this country. Its main successful strategy is to integrate the different areas of a company in a corporate communication project. This integration not only improves the relationship with target audiences but it also consolidates and protects the institutional image and the brand names of the company’s products and services.

Lide operates in different market segments. It undertakes permanent and temporary work. It provides advisory services for defining communication policies, manages corporate action and conducts projects in the communication, public relations and social responsibility areas.

Lobby in Brasilia

Lide has just entered into an important partnership with Cátia Vasconcelos Assessoria Ltda, acting as a lobbyist in Brasilia for 15 years, managing political marketing, public relations, and governmental strategies. Cátia Vasconcelos does ethical work in relationships with the Executive and Legislative branches, including, among other services, the holding of meetings, visits, talks and seminars in support of congressmen on the client’s operations and getting them closer to business executives; monitoring and identifying matters of interest to clients underway in the Congress; and advice on the preparation of amendments and substitutes for bills.

Social Responsibility

Lide Lide works in a partnership with Comunicarte Marketing Social, which conducts projects in the field of social responsibility.

Prêmio ABERJE 2003

Lide was awarded the Aberje Prize for Corporate Citizenship Programs – (Prêmio Aberje para Projetos de Cidadania Empresarial) in a partnership with Petrobras/Transpetro.

The elected project was the Co-Responsability and Relationship Communication Programme, implemented by Transpetro in the communities located in the surroundings of the pipelines. Aiming at the accomplishment of this task, Lide has been coordinating a staff of 31 professionals in 17 states.